2019 Field Day

Merino industry history and future on show at field day

Lambs conceived by Merino sires whose semen was frozen in 1968 and defrosted for use in a sire evaluation trial in 2018 will be a key feature of the 2019 Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group field day at ‘Kooringal’, Coleraine, on Friday, February 22.

The annual field day of the group, which has been running Merino sire evaluation trials for over 20 years, includes the display of 2017 and 2018 AMSEA trial progeny and data, industry speakers and displays and demonstrations from industry businesses.

The lambs from the 2018 trial were conceived through artificial insemination in March and include semen frozen by Sydney University in 1968 when artificial insemination was in its infancy.

The 2018 trial joined with a total of 20 Merino sires to 56 ewes each.

At the time of insemination, the motility of the 50-year-old semen was comparable with more recently collected samples, and the lambing percentages for the sire are similarly comparable to other entrants.

This year’s speaker program, beginning at approximately 2pm, will include Australian Wool Innovation chair, Colette Garnsey, and Dr John Steinfort, Steinfort AgVet, who will speak on the development of a liquid nitrogen breech modification treatment for sheep.

The day will also have data available on the 2015 and 2016 Merino Lifetime Productivity project sheep. This major industry project being run by AWI and AMSEA was hosted by the group at ‘Tuloona’, Harrow, in its inaugural years.

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2018 Field Day – Workshop Notes

The annual field day for our trial site on Friday, February 16, attracted more than 120 people for a day inspecting sheep from the 2015 and 2016 MLP trials at ‘Tuloona’, and the 2017 AMSEA trial at ‘Kooringal’.

Another popular sheep selection workshop was held and presentations can be found on our web-site www.balmoralbreeders.com.au.

An excellent presentation from AWI about the MLP trial and the surprising trends found in the data was informative and entertaining.

2018 SELECTION WORKSHOP – Sheep Selection Summary – Allan Casey
2018 SELECTION WORKSHOP Details of Breeding Indexes – Allan Casey 2018 SELECTION WORKSHOP RamCare – Allan Casey
2018 SELECTION WORKSHOP Woolly Figures – Rob Close – Balmoral Breeders
2018 Balmoral Field Day – 2017 Drop Results Book
2018 Balmoral Field Day – 2016 Drop Results Book
2018 Balmoral Field Day – 2015 Drop Results Book


On property at Tuloona – 2017 Field Day program of events

12pm – 5pm

4580 Coleraine-Edenhope Road, Harrow, VIc

Our 2017 Field Day will be the biggest on-property display of Merino sheep this year, with 1400 sheep penned into their 50 sire lines on display at Tuloona on Friday, March 24. This year’s event will be the first time two drops of the AWI/AMSEA Merino Lifetime Productivity project progeny have been displayed in the one place.

Inspection of sheep begins at 12pm, and from 11.30am, you can view the final drafting of the sheep through an autodrafter, making the most of electronic ID tags.

A informative day of guest speakers (beginning at 2pm) is also planned, while industry businesses will have static and working demonstrations on the day.

For more information on the field day CLICK HERE


A FREE SHEEP CLASSING WORKSHOP will take place between 10am and 12.30pm. For more information CLICK HERE


For more background information on the trial, see our latest newsletter HERE

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2016 Presentation downloads

Chris Kelly Presentation PDF

Chris Wilcox – Poimena Analysis Presentation PDF

Phillip Graham Presentation PDF

2016 Field Day program of events

On property display of 2015 trial progeny at host property, Tuloona, Harrow.
Property location: 4580 Coleraine Harrow Road.

Display of 25 Sire Evaluation progeny groups of 2015 drop ewe progeny, with post weaner fleece tests, weaning weights and marking scores. These ewes will be evaluated for 5 joinings, in the first Merino Ewe Lifetime Productivity Trial. Static display of the AWI/AMSEA Merino Ewe Lifetime Productivity Trial. MLP National Project Manager Anne Ramsay will be available at Tuloona to discuss the project.


Field day at ‘Mepungah’, Wannon Property location: Mepungah Pastoral Company,
112 Falkenbergs Road, Wannon, 3301. Turn right at the woolshed sign through double gates.

12pm: BBQ lunch available
12pm—1.30pm: display inspections
1.30pm—3.30pm: Speaker program
3.30pm—5pm: display inspections
5pm: BBQ tea and refreshments
5.30pm: Future of the Fine Wool Merino speaker panel

Display of 20 Sire Evaluation progeny groups of the 2014 drop with pre-shearing fleece measurements and classing results displayed. Static and working displays from sheep industry companies. These include sheep handling equipment, animal health products, livestock health companies and ancilliary service providers with a focus on new technologies and enahcning the working environment onfarm when handling livestock. Please take the time to wander around the sites. Some of these sites will be undertaking demonstrations of equipment throughout the afternoon. Demonstrations will be undertaken prior to, and following the speaker program being held on site.

Speaker program:

1.30pm: Welcome. Tom Silcock, Chairman

1.30pm-1.45pm: Update on liquid nitrogen mulesing options, John Stienford

1.45pm-2pm: National Merino Lifetime Productivity Project, Anne Ramsay, project manager

2pm-2.30pm: Research into electronic sheep tags Marcus Mojass, AWI

2.30pm-3pm: Integrating tracking and traceability using cloud-based software to capture and share livestock information across the supply network and end consumer. Tim Button and Steve Baker, AgLive. 

5.30pm-7pm ‘Future of the Fine Wool Merinos’ Proudly supported by AWI

A panel discussion from industry experts discussing the influences on the current wool market, its outlook and how the fine wool Merino sheep and its wool fits into the marketplace. It will also include analysis of commercial farming operations and the commercial reality of including Merino wool production in a farming operation. The session will conclude with a panel Q&A session between one another and the audience.

Panel speakers:

Chris Wilcox

Chairman, Market Intelligence Committee, International Wool Textile Organisation; Executive Director, National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia.

Phillip Graham
NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Chris Kelly
Australian Merino Exports Pty Ltd.

Robert Herrmann
Mecardo – market analysis

MC: Marius Cuming
Communications Manager, AWI